Can I get payday loans?

Nowadays, due to the economic context and our daily needs, financial products such as fast loans have become very popular. These types of credits are usually requested online and are ideal to cover unforeseen events. But can you opt for them if you do not have a payroll? Of course. Ward helps you pay your expenses, with your mini-credits without payroll even if you do not have a work contract. In addition, the processing is very simple and convenient.

Requirements to request minicréditos without payroll

Even if you do not have a payroll, you can access a quick loan. You just have to meet a series of requirements. In the first place, you have to have, at least, 21 years. In addition, you must be a resident of Spain.

On the other hand, you can not have outstanding debts, so if you figure on a list of defaulters, you will not be a candidate for these credits.

You must also have demonstrable periodic income, such as an unemployment benefit or some type of pension (disability, retirement or widowhood) or social assistance. This is necessary for you to be able to guarantee that you can return the payment. Finally, it is essential that you have a mobile phone in your possession.

As for the endorsement, you do not need it. If you meet all of the aforementioned requirements, Ward will trust that you can pay off your credit.

Comfort and speed

One of the advantages of OnePayday is that the process to follow to obtain a payday loan is very simple and almost immediate. In the first place, having the option of making the application through the Internet makes management much easier. As a customer, you only have to enter your data, the amount of money you need and the return period. Instantly, you will be able to see which are the interests that you have to pay. After completing these simple procedures, you will have the money in just a few hours.

Ward also offers you another kind of advantages. In this way, if you find that the return period is short, you can request an extension of the credit. Also, once you have amortized your loan you can choose another for a higher amount.

The minicréditos without payroll of Ward is a great option for those people that, with or without payroll, face some unforeseen economic unexpected that they can not pay for lack of solvency. If you find yourself in such a situation, do not hesitate: these online loans are for you.