IKD loan


Loan IKD 

Loan IKD 

The third option is the IKD loan. The IKD bond? – Building Finance Forum Unfortunately for us at a bad time because I’m on parental leave. There, the selling prices are quite high, so we from land and housing with 400000? out.

The husband receives for 3.300 EUR (he has in addition a company car) and receives annually from a bonus rate. This is different and this year it was 20,000 EUR net.

Available are 500,00 EUR each. â € œWe thought about getting a property on the loan from kredit (with no fixed interest rate, here every 6 months, as the interest rates are and adjusted) to insure us and then, when I return in 9 months to make the same house bank, let a “real” Baubiomittel and the rest of the debt to flow here.

If I get money again, my husband will certainly have a raise again, we have a little more justice. If the banks can not deceive us then? That means when the time comes, the interest _schön_ set high, because we anyway receive no coupon from another house bank, because in the cadastre for the property is already the IKD.

The acquaintance said that you owe the rest and go to another banker. For advice I am grateful to you. The idea is completely correct that it will be hard if someone other than the first one has already secured the property. For your particular case, yes, at the house bank, a forward lock could be secured for you, so to speak, for the future, a loan that you can take out when you earn money again.

Of course, this also depends on the bank consultant, who actually has to measure progress against your current situation. I would not do any complete maturity, because you get a risk of interest rate changes in the ship. Good day Stef79, So you first say about 50000 EUR or?

Higher and secured pay does not result in improvements, household incomes play an important role only for the voice of credit.

Higher and secured pay does not result in improvements, household incomes play an important role only for the voice of credit.

It is a good choice. In that regard, the parents’ money for nothing to evaluate later. I’m not a financier, where the land is first paid, then the building costs to calculate. If this is unavoidable, then I advise a house bank to create the land purchase, which also cheap home financing.

In the case of total financing, it is only then that the building costs are not yet known, not yet fixed on the developer. This is not the ideal solution, because I wrote, maintained, planned and then all at once. â € œSince some credit institutions are not alone on a property, the IKD finals would clarify whether they are financing a property purchase through the loan.â €

One would thus have the possibility of land to procure the ideal solution is not, because the IKD for me as a financial intermediary in principle, but not for a new financing at all in the nearer choice would be How much do they cost, land? There is no such forward loan!

A term loan is always a specific loan.

A term loan is always a specific loan.

If the latter were the case, you would apply for a very ordinary loan, including with appropriate retention. This no longer works with parental espionage, as none of the banks allocate a loan based on revenue that the DN will receive over the next few years.

In the Rhine-Main area we live and land will be around 140,000? be. Exactly we do not know it yet, because the plots are assigned to the ranking list and we have to see what we have then. We can not sign a specific contract until we have booked the property, ie within a few weeks.

I now have 2 offers that are nonsense for us, as he has calculated them as if we are building on a developer, but this would cost us too much land transfer tax. My plan would be a loan with Intrasavings bank and 15 years interest, 2-3% of their repayment, so that we would be at 40% of my husband’s salary, special repayments up to 5% per annum and my salary is then “on top” for others Get things (“outdoor facilities etc.”).

If they can not get land right now, they have plenty of time to estimate the building costs in order to decide on a property developer or to be clear about how to build the house from which it is built. Even without a land reservation and the associated documents such as sales contract draft, situation and development plan.

If you choose an independent construction company, you pay the GeSt. only on property. At least, though, it’s about thinking about creating a Intrasavings bank 55 house, because then you’ll get the 100,000-euro interest-free from the Intrasavings bank program 153, if possible with 0.25% subsidized. Many thanks for the tip with the national promotion.

Now it is your task to select the building project on superficial and the developer / construction company to calculate and project.