Agricultural District Approved for Downtown Texarkana, Arkansas



New opportunities for our rural downtown area are on the way! Members of the planning committee presented a video to city council members last night at the first council meeting of the month in support of council approving the ordinance to create an A-1 district for the center -City of Texarkana, Arkansas. District A-1 approval for community members will continue to help the downtown area grow and keep small businesses and events happening.

According to Clyde ‘Boots’ Thomas, a member of the Planning Commission, the growth of the downtown entertainment district, in conjunction with new businesses and increased interest in the downtown area, would allow this adoption of the A-1 district. to further increase interest and business for our downtown residents and visitors. “We hear far too often that there is nothing to do here, well, now there is,” Thomas said. The downtown area has certainly been revitalized, and in 2001 the city of Texarkana, Arkansas took a major land annexation that gave those who were brought there grandfathered. However, with this adoption, downtown residents could use these properties for farming without strict regulation and supervision.

The city center will see more gardens, public spaces for farmers’ markets, produce stands and more. Downtown areas might see more businesses similar to Three Chicks Feed, Seed & Cafe, which is currently located on Genoa Road. This business uses both the agricultural aspect, while also having a restaurant. With this adoption of District A-1, the downtown area could see an increase in farming businesses, as well as more than just pet farms and hobbies!

The board of directors unanimously approved the passing of District A-1 at the end of last night’s meeting, and residents can hopefully begin to experience more farmer’s markets, mazes corn, horse-drawn carriage rides and more downtown entertainment, thanks to the new adoption of council members.


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