Badger Farm Land including Davis Kickabout is auctioned off

POCKETS of land at Badger Farm, including the Davis Kickabout, have been sold – but not to the parish council.

The community had raised money to buy the plots, which came on the market following the liquidation of the construction company Davis Development.

But the land was instead snatched up by an unknown buyer.

A parish council spokesperson said: “Badger Farm Parish Council is disappointed that we were unable today to purchase the land known as the Davis Kickabout, together with the surrounding pockets of land.

“We don’t know who bought the land and what their plans are, but we as parish council intend to work closely with Winchester City Council and Hampshire County Council to preserve this land for the future recreational use of our residents. We will be posting updates on our website and facebook page as we learn more.”

the the Chronicle trying to find out who bought the land.

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched by the Badger Farm Residents Community Association to raise the estimated price by £5,000.

The association, together with the parish council, has applied for green village status with the county council, but it will be months before a decision is made.

He says he is investigating whether the original title deeds to the area from the 1980s, when Badger Farm was built, would provide protection. A note of this survey has been placed with the Land Registry, which may deter some promoters.

Councilor Brian Laming said: “The land is designated as open space and is well used by everyone. It’s a great example of the community working together for the benefit of all.

“The City Council is very supportive of this crowdfunding initiative and the residents’ association and all of their efforts to help secure the future of this neighborhood.”

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