Bradley Walsh admits he ‘cheated’ ITV bosses to land The Chase job 13 years ago

Bradley Walsh has admitted he tricked ITV bosses in order to get The Chase as he faced quizzes in a make or break contest.

The 61-year-old host made it clear to Roman Kemp on Capital Breakfast that he cheated to beat the Chasers to make the hit ITV show.

Bradley has hosted the show since it began airing in 2009, and during the pilot he put his future on the line by agreeing that the show would only become a full series if he won against the Chasers.

Bradley Walsh with the Hunters

Confessing all on Capital Breakfast on Monday, Bradley said, “I have to confess too.

“When we first did the job, the only two choices that were first were actually The Beast and The Dark Destroyer, right? And we were doing a round of the office, and that’s to get the work up and running.

“And I said ‘that’s ridiculous. those questions are so easy. And they said ‘what do you think you could beat the Chaser?’

“I said ‘if I beat the Chaser, we’ll do a streak, let’s do this.’ And they said ‘Yeah, okay, if you can beat the Chaser.’ Because they thought the general public couldn’t beat these gurus, right?

“And I was like, ‘Oh, I’m definitely going to beat them, if I can beat them, we’ll do the show, okay?'”

Bradley Walsh hosting The Chase

Bradley continued: “And that’s absolutely true – what they didn’t realize was that the sheets with the questions and answers were lying face down on my side of the desk, I could see the print through and I could read the answers upside down and I read them.

“So every time they come in one-on-one like they’re at the table, I would crush them both.

“And as I walked away, I took the piece of paper and put it on the other table so no one could see it. So I cheated.

Bradley’s brave move paid off for everyone, as The Chase became one of ITV’s biggest hits.

The show airs weeknights on main channel ITV and has spawned five spin-offs and has also been replicated in 19 other countries around the world, including Australia and the United States.

More than 1,860 episodes have been aired in the UK so far – while the show has made stars of the six high-IQ hunters, including Anne Hegaerty who later took part in I’m A Celeb in 2018.

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