Detailed plans of 290 houses on Bird in Eye farm land


General plans have been submitted for up to 290 homes, landscaping, informal open spaces and suitable alternative natural green spaces (BLOODS) – at Bird in Eye Farm, south of Bird in Eye Hill.

While many people would automatically think this site is part of Uckfield, it is in Framfield and the village parish council has already announced that it will be holding a meeting on the app with the guest developer and community members having an opportunity to speak.

Screening Notice

The developers sought an advance opinion on their proposals from the Wealden Council earlier this year and were told that an environmental impact assessment was not necessary.

The council’s head of planning and environmental services, Stacey Robins, said in a letter setting out the decision that “the proposed development will not have a significant impact on relevant natural resources and any associated waste, pollution or hazard. to the development project can be effectively controlled. by the conditions and or article 106 of the legal agreement.


He continued, “The council is confident that the development of this site will not result in any significant loss of valuable agricultural land, will not impact any flood protection area, and will not compromise or undermine any recognized assets of the site. natural and ecological heritage. , landscape or cultural value near the site.

The council said there was a “particularly pressing” problem regarding the impacts of transportation and the possible combined impacts resulting from the development of this site and others at the same time.

View down to Bird in Eye Farm from the allotments opposite Uckfield Community Hospital. The farm buildings on the horizon would be preserved with houses built on the land to the northwest, which can be seen above.

Impacts on the road

Mr Robins acknowledged that discussions were underway with the East Sussex County Council Road Authority, but said: ‘From what I have seen and read so far, I don’t think that the impacts on the highway are of sufficient magnitude to become an environmental impact assessment problem. “

Maps included in a Design and Access Statement submitted with the Planning Application, WD / 2021/2198 / MAO, show the total site of 105 acres, stretching from Bird in Eye Hill behind Harlands Farm Estate and Fernley Park, but separated from them by Framfield Creek.

Ancient forest

The Bird in Eye farm itself is not included in the plans and 64 acres in total would be designated as appropriate alternative natural green space. Old-growth forests would be conserved and excluded from BLOOD.

Two plots of land make up the site. They are separated by the ancient forest, mentioned above.

Let’s sing

The south plot is described, in a design and access statement, as being more open with some timber in the south corner. This land would be part of the proposed BLOOD.

The lands to the northeast, inside the northern parcel of land, would also be included in BLOOD.

The central north section and the remaining northwest plot, containing the preserved Bird in Eye Farm complex, are proposed for housing and open public space.


A Declaration of Community Commitment highlights the issues raised by residents about site proposals during a consultation and specifies that they have been taken into account in the planning application file.

Topics of greatest concern included highways, transportation, and local infrastructure, services and facilities.

The statement said residents feared Framfield Road would be “substantially affected” by the development and other homes under construction in Uckfield.

Road traffic management

He indicated that a transport assessment details an effective traffic management system in the city center and that these measures will be discussed with the road authority during the application.

Water supply, flooding and drainage issues have also been raised, but the developers say the demand is accompanied by a flood risk assessment and a surface water drainage strategy that confirms , subject to a number of SuDS drainage measures, the program will ensure that the site retains runoff from green fields. rate, thus ensuring that the scheme does not result in an increased risk of flooding.


Regarding concerns about the city’s infrastructure, the statement says the development would attract a community infrastructure tax for the provision of additional infrastructure within Uckfield.

Regarding ecological impacts and loss of green space, the developers claim that the 64 acres of BLOOD will provide open space for current and future residents that will be “carefully landscaped with native species to enhance the biodiversity value of the land. site ”.

See full details of WD / 2021/2190 / MAO Planning Request on the Wealden Council website.

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