Easy transfer of farmland to industrial use needed, IIA urges UP government

LUCKNOW The Indian Industries Association (IIA) has suggested to the state government to make available land of 200 to 500 acres along the highways to ensure rapid industrialization of these areas and a new policy to ensure easy transfer and directly from the agricultural land of the owners to the industrialists.

As part of its industrial policy, the UP government has decided to set up industrial parks along the expressways. To this end, he decided to develop land reserves along the expressways. To start with, land reserves will first be prepared on the Agra-Lucknow highway and the Purvanchal highway.

“We suggested to the state government to make available 200 to 500 acres of land along the highways for setting up industrial units,” said IIA National Chairman Ashok Agarwal.

The transfer of rural land to industrial use and the change of land use is a major issue for both landowners and industrialists.

The IIA has urged the state government to make land transfer hassle-free for landowners. It will also encourage farmers to offer their land for industrial use, officials said.

“The transfer of agricultural land for industrial purposes is not an easy task. A new policy is needed to remove all obstacles to the use of agricultural land for industrial purposes. There must be no restrictions for a farmer if he wants to sell his land directly to an industrialist for industrial purposes,” Agarwal stressed.

“If this policy is adopted along the highways, then farmers and industrialists will come together seamlessly,” he added.

Industry associations had also suggested to the state government to develop industrial parks near populated places to ensure easy availability of water and electricity to industrial units.


Hargaon Village, Firozabad (Agra-Lucknow Highway)

Buhana Village (linking Agra-Lucknow Highway and Yamuna Highway)

Pohara Village, Chitrakoot (Bundelkhand Highway)

Bara Village, Barabanki (Purvanchal Highway)

Mohabbatpur (Mainpuri)

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