Farm owner arrested for rape

Gokak police on Thursday arrested Siddappa Kotturu, a farmland owner, accused of raping a worker at his farm in Maradi Shivapura village, near Gokak, in Belagavi district.

Siddappa Kotturu is said to have committed the offense on September 17. It was premeditated because the accused had asked another worker, Uday Avaradi, to stand guard at the door of the hangar where the crime was committed.

The accused also pushed a four-year-old child of the 24-year-old victim. The boy sustained injuries near his eye.

On the fateful evening, the accused, accompanied by Uday Avaradi, came to the worker’s shed and asked her husband, also a day laborer employed by the owner of the farmland, to run an errand for him ever since. the village.

The accused and his partner only left to return when the woman was alone. The owner of the farmland then sexually assaulted the woman.

Uday Avaradi is said to have stood guard outside the hut until the owner of the farm came out. The two defendants later threatened the woman to kill her husband if she told him about the offense.

She, however, told her husband. And, he told the village elders who advised him to file a complaint.

One case has been registered. The investigation is open.

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