Henderson farmland auctions for record price

HENDERSON, Ky. — Three parcels of Henderson County farmland totaling more than 410 acres were sold Friday for what auctioneer Kevin Herron called a record local price.

Herron said the 412.4 acres sold by Lindsey Embry and her siblings cost a total of $4,303,203.80.

The average sale price per acre for the entire sale was $10,400.

The land at the intersection of Larue Road and Holloway Lane/Rucker Road No. 1 has been divided into three sections

“It’s unheard of to see farmland selling above $10,000 an acre in Henderson County,” Herron said. “All three are the highest auction price I know of in Henderson County.”

Farm No. 1, 137 acres, brought in $9,700 per acre. It was sold to Tom Dempewolf.

Farm No. 2, 192 acres, brought in $11,100 per acre. It was sold to River View Coal LLC.

Farm No. 3, 82 acres, brought in $10,100 per acre. It was sold to Rita Stagg.

Herron said that in 2008, a Kentucky 425 farm sold for $7,600 an acre — and it caused a stir.

More than 125 people attended the midday sale.

“It was a really, really interesting mix of people there,” Herron said. “Bankers, landowners and farmers, businessmen and politicians.

“There were intense bidding and active competitive bidding on each farm. Bidding lasted nearly an hour for all three farms.”

why they sold

Lindsey Embry recently told the Gleaner that after her family’s land in Union County was purchased by the U.S. government for Camp Breckinridge Army Development in the 1940s, her parents came to Henderson. to start over.

The land for sale on Friday had been in the family for – or nearly all of – its 65th birthday. He said he and his two siblings had decided as a group to sell now that they were getting older and both of their parents had died.

“It’s time to reduce it. Some farmers don’t give up until they’re dead,” he said. “I’ve grown it all my life, but my mum passed away a month ago, and we made the decision to give it up.”

For about six years, the family ran a corn maze, animal attraction, and pumpkin patch on the grounds at the southeast corner of Larue and Rucker Road No. 1.

Ahead of Friday’s sale, Herron had pitched the land — near the city limits and an upscale neighborhood — as perfect for farming or residential development.

“These farms are in an excellent location and offer premium soil for high yields and some of the most attractive road frontage for future development you’ll find in Henderson County,” Herron told The Gleaner.

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