Is Heritage House Winery a real Sonoma Valley winery?

The winding drama of Promised land on ABC is intriguing, but many viewers want to know more about the Heritage House winery in the Sonoma Valley. Of course, the love triangle between Joe Sandoval (John Ortiz), Lettie Sandoval (Cecilia Suárez), and his ex-wife Margaret Honeycroft (Bellamy Young) is enough to grab anyone’s attention. However, the picturesque settings and the constant pouring of wine cannot be overlooked. We answer the most crucial question about the new series airing while viewers wait for the return of big sky in 2022 below. Is the Heritage House winery an actual vineyard that viewers can visit in Sonoma Valley, California?

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“Promised Land”: Is the Heritage House winery in Sonoma?

Although there is a Heritage House Resort and Spa in Sonoma, California, it is not the vineyard featured in Promised land on ABC. Showbiz Cheat Sheet has contacted the Media Relations team to inquire about where ABC filmed Promised land.

“Parts of the series are filmed at Agua Dulce Winery,” an ABC rep said. Promised land said Showbiz Cheat Sheet via an email on Jan. 24.

In real life, the Heritage House winery featured in Promised land is the Agua Dulce winery in Santa Clarita. The vineyard is not in the Sonoma Valley at all, but is located in the Sierra Pelona Valley, California, outside of Los Angeles.

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Agua Dulce Cellar

ABC filmed Promised land at the Agua Dulce winery, a family-owned and operated winery, just like in the series. The vineyard offers daily wine tastings and tours. It is located about 45 minutes north of Los Angeles. According to the Agua Dulce website, the winery offers the possibility of filming at various locations in the vineyard. Photos from the cellar show where Joe Sandoval kept the truck full of bullet holes. It also reveals the inner room filled with wine barrels that Veronica (Christina Ochoa de A million little things) and Antonio (Tonatiuh) walkthrough in Promised land Episode 1.

Is the “Promised Land” based on a true story?

Promised land is not based on a true story, but it has roots in truth. Matt Lopez wrote and produced the new ABC series. He created the drama that unfolds with the Sandoval family. However, the story of Mexican migrant workers becoming wine owners in California’s wine country is not new.

According to the Washington Post, the Smithsonian recognized five Mexican-American families in 2017 who made their way between migrant vineyard workers and vineyard owners. Reynaldo Robledo, for example, was a teenager in Napa Valley when he learned to graft vines and drive a tractor. Soon he became a team leader on a vineyard that managed thousands of acres. In 1984 Robledo purchased a 13-acre junkyard in Carneros for $126,000. He planted vines there, and the rest is history. Today he is the owner of the family winery Robledo.

Although Lopez created the fictional Sandoval family, he was inspired by Mexican American family vineyards.

Promised land airs on ABC Mondays at 10 p.m. EST and the next day on Hulu.

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