Karnataka government rolls back land reforms, removes restriction on purchase of farmland

New Delhi: The BJP-led government of Karnataka on Tuesday approved the controversial 2020 Land Reforms (Amendment) Law in the Legislative Council with the support of Janata Dal-Secular. The new law removes almost all restrictions and gives everyone the right to buy agricultural land. Previously, only those with agricultural training could purchase farmland in the state.Also Read – Schools and Colleges in Karnataka Receive New Guidance on Managing Clusters in the Face of Omicron Threat

Interestingly, the development took place on a day when thousands of farmers and labor organizations across the country called for a “Bharat Bandh”, staging protests to oppose farm laws. Also Read – IAF Interns Create Heckle At Bangalore Station, Dropped With Warning

The JD (S), which opposed the amendment, supported the BJP and secured council approval of the bill. The law was passed by 37 to 21 votes with nine members of Congress absent. Also Read – Video: Kangana Ranaut Wins the Hearts of Punjab Farmers After Stopping Her Car

The bill was approved by the Karnataka Assembly in September, but failed to see the light of day during the monsoon session of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly, Congress and the JD (S) there. being opposed.

Congress and various farmers’ associations opposed the bill because they believed it gave the wealthy the right to buy agriculture for investment and real estate. Congress even staged a dramatic walkout by tearing papers in the air.

The bill was crucial for the BJP who had defended it.

In the 75-member council, the BJP has 31 members, Congress 28 and JD (S) 14 in addition to an independent chair.

The JD (S) second in command and former chief minister HD Kumaraswamy had hinted a few days ago that he had lost the goodwill he had gained when he formed a government with the BJP in 2006- 07 by joining Congress to form a coalition government in 2018-19.

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