Kirby and the Forgotten Land: 10 Best Enemies, Ranked

by Nintendo Kirby The franchise has enjoyed persistent success for three decades, and there’s still no end in sight for the adorable platformer series. Some of Nintendo’s properties have been discontinued over the years, but there have also been many Kirby content that is not afraid to take risks. Kirby and his various supporting roles have even gradually invaded the Super Smash Bros. franchise.

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The last entry in the series, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, for the Nintendo Switch, is a hugely rewarding experience that takes Kirby into new territory. There’s a lot to love about Kirby’s Switch adventure, and there’s a particularly unique roster of enemies that make their mark.

ten Togekuki hovers over Kirby and gets in his way

Games Kirby Togekuki Enemy

The many worlds Kirby visits during his adventures are full of unique creatures. Togekuki is a special oddity that evolved in interesting ways. The enemy is a spiked head that sits atop a powerful totem-like vine and initially Togekuki functioned more as an obstacle to overcome than an enemy that actively attacked Kirby.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land brings Togekuki back, but this time the enemy is swinging back and forth so he can actually threaten Kirby to a greater extent. Togekuki also carries the Needle ability and its design continues to stand out even though it’s not the most exciting or dangerous enemy.

9 Blade Knight’s sword has become a signature for the series

Games Kirby Blade Knight Enemy

New Kirby titles introduce quirky abilities and enemies, but some basics have been there from the start. Blade Knight is an enemy who is usually one of the first creatures Kirby encounters and the sword ability Kirby acquires from him is a powerful video game weapon in Kirby’s arsenal.

Blade Knight makes the transition to Kirby and the Forgotten Land and he continues to wear his simple but effective armor and sword. Blade Knight isn’t as exciting as the new characters in the game, but he’s still a welcome presence.

8 Bernard is ready for adventure and has the gear to prove it

Games Kirby Bernard Enemy

Bernard is one of many exciting new enemies making their debut in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. The character, whose name seems to refer to a Saint Bernard, resembles a shaggy canine dressed for a trip to the jungle.

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Bernard has a powerful pistol that fires a steel ball, and he’s savvy enough to take cover behind obstacles when defensive. He also provides Kirby with the Ranger ability, which allows the puffball to wield his powerful projectile weapon.

7 Tortuilding is a massive monstrosity of animals and architecture

Games Kirby Tortuilding Enemy

Kirby and the Forgotten Land pits Kirby against some of the greatest foes he’s ever faced, and Tortuilding is perhaps the most outlandish example. This intimidating oddity is a giant turtle whose shell is a huge building.

There is a smaller version of Tortuilding named Tortorner, but the larger creature is considerably more impressive than its counterpart. Tortuilding cannot be inhaled due to its size, and defeating it revolves around destroying its “shell”. It’s also not an easy task and requires a very specific ability on Kirby’s part.

6 Buffahorn attacks its target with frightening speed

Games Kirby Buffahorn Enemy

Buffahorn is another of the many new animal enemies that inhabit the Forgotten Earth and he’s one of the most persistent Beast Pack members in the game. life so retaliation is often not Kirby’s best defense.

The most effective strategy is to harness Buffahorn’s charge and run him off a cliff to his doom, as morbid as that sounds. Inhaling Buffahorn grants no abilities, emphasizing that he is more of an enemy to be avoided than conquered.

5 Fleurina tries to consume Kirby with her whirls

Games Kirby Fleurina Enemy

Fleurina is an entertaining foe who acts as a decent challenge in several of Kirby and the Forgotten Landit is levels. The Swan enemy rushes frantically through areas using a tornado tactic that is fun to counter, but even more enjoyable to control as one of Kirby’s new abilities.

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Fleurina is technically a mid-boss in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, so its appearance is a bit more extravagant as a result. However, with the way the Kirby the series works, it is very possible that Fleurina will be relegated to the status of a normal enemy, or even an ally, in the future Kirby securities.

4 Digguh could give Knuckles a run for his money

Games Kirby Digguh Enemy

Digguh is introduced in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, but he’s so natural that he feels like he’s been in the franchise for years. The busy enemy looks like a mole and he loves to dig and use his effective claws.

It has a striking design and it would feel out of place in the Super Mario series or even as a Pokemon. Digguh makes his mark in Kirby and the Forgotten Land and the Drill ability he possesses is a crucial tool in the new game.

3 Sillydillo turns Kirby into his prey

Games Kirby Sillydillo Enemy

Sillydillo stands out because he’s a loose cannon, and countering this enemy requires unpredictable combat tactics. Sillydillo has decent offensive maneuvers that not only keep Kirby on the move, but make him more likely to fall into the trap of the enemy’s cage. This added element of danger is just challenging enough and makes for a standout encounter.

Sillydillo is one of Kirby and the Forgotten Land, so he poses a significantly greater challenge than the standard enemy. The boss design is so unusual for the Kirby series that she still deserves to be distinguished.

2 Gorimondo is a giant, brutal menace that pushes Kirby to his limits.

Gorimondo in the Kirby game

Gorimondo is another Kirby and the Forgotten Land boss who terrorizes the Natural Plains region, but he’s an antagonist on a different scale than most of the characters in this series. This monkey towers over Kirby, and he’s so huge he even wears a cage around his neck, containing an imprisoned Waddle Dee – although that doesn’t slow him down.

Gorimondo keeps Kirby busy via a number of powerful projectile attacks, making for a hugely satisfying boss battle that always feels grounded.

1 Awoofy sets a delicious new standard for enemies in Forgotten Land

Games Kirby Awoofy Enemy

The Kirby franchise is full of cute enemies. The Awoofy are said to be one of Forgotten Land’s most common enemies and Dream Land’s equivalent of the Waddle Dees. However, these canine creatures are truly endearing and destined to become fan favorites.

Some of the biggest threats in Kirby and the Forgotten Land are actually menacing, but the Awoofy are never frustrating and make a welcome presence. With any luck, the Awoofy plushes aren’t far away.

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