Kirby and the Forgotten Land: All Waddle Dees Hidden in Originull Wasteland

In total, Kirby and the Forgotten Land has 18 hidden Waddle Dees to find (not including hidden missions) in Originull Wasteland, the fifth world of Kirby and the Forgotten Land and the first of the game’s second, more difficult island.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land will have you replay levels, cycling through them so that every Waddle Dee is hidden in those tight spaces. Follow our guide to find every hidden Waddle Dee in Originull Wasteland.

All the Waddle Dees hidden in the waste where life began

There are three hidden Waddle Dees in the deserts where life began.

Wastes Where Life Began Waddle Dee 1: Collect all five Star Bits

  • Star Piece 1: In the chest guarded by a snake near the start of the level.
  • Star Piece 2: Hit the four green switches on the platforms above the poison swamp.
  • Star Piece 3: Using Ring Mouth, blow the three windmills on the platforms above the poison.
  • Star Piece 4: In a hidden chest, you need to blast the sand using Ring Mouth to unlock it.
  • Star Piece 5: Defeat Fleurina on the boat.

Waste Where Life Began Waddle Dee 2

At the start of the second stage area, you will see a crack in the ground. Above is a column stuck in a patch of sand.

You’ll need to use the nearby Ring Mouth to blow the sand away and drop the column to break up the ground. The second hidden Waddle Dee hides here.

Waste Where Life Began Waddle Dee 3

You’ll see another cracked floor and column situation soon after. Doing the same here will reveal a door to the hidden area where the final Waddle Dee can be earned.

When you enter, turn right and jump onto the platforms on the right. Once you reach the end, quickly turn around and jump to the platform on your left where the hidden Waddle Dee awaits.

All hidden Waddle Dees in Searching the Oasis

There are five hidden Waddle Dees to save in Searching the Oasis.

Finding the Waddle Dee Oasis 1

The first Waddle Dee of this level can be found a bit further, past the dangerous snake guarding a secret path. Defeat it to continue on the way to a secret pool where the hidden Waddle Dee hangs out.

Finding the Waddle Dee Oasis 2

Past the first Poison Croakom in the level, look right to see a ladder on a tower detached from the main path. Climb on it and navigate three moving platforms to get the second hidden Waddle Dee.

Finding the Waddle Dee Oasis 3

On the other side of the aforementioned moving platforms, there is a dome. Defeat the enemies that spawn in the area, then go Mouthful to the dome to open it. This reveals a ladder up to a large pipe and obstacle course for you to navigate as Pipe Mouth Kirby.

The hidden Waddle Dee is behind a cracked wall at the very end of the section. Make sure to nail the final jump on that last big wooden ramp so you don’t have to do that part again.

Finding the Waddle Dee Oasis 4

The fourth hidden Waddle Dee is in the secret stage room. This is behind the fence which also contains poison. This means you will need Water Balloon Mouth and the Drill ability to enter it.

Once you get there, you’ll need to collect five Green Star Bits. But it’s a speed challenge because every Star Bit is in your way, the path just sinks into poisonous lava.

One of the stacks on a platform always has a Star Bit. So, as a general strategy, you’ll want to dig on the first pile of a platform and work your way up to the last in order to grab whatever was hiding underneath each one.

Search for Waddle Dee Oasis 5

You can find the last Waddle Dee hidden in the level behind the last Poison Croakom. To find out how to solve the riddle of the area and defeat this massive enemy, check out our Originull Wasteland Hidden Mission Guide.

All Waddle Dees Hidden in Alivel Mall (Personal Side)

There are five hidden Waddle Dees to register in the Avel Mall stage (personal side).

Alivel Mall (personal side) Waddle Dee 1

When you find a wall with a bomb block in the center, attack it to reveal a ring you can inhale. Retrace your steps as Ring Mouth Kirby until you find the room with the rotating platforms and a circular hole in the cracked wall. Jump down the hole as Ring Mouth Kirby to rescue the first hidden Waddle Dee.

Alivel Mall (personal side) Waddle Dee 2

Past the platforms above the spikes, you’ll want to inhale a knight for a sword ability. Keep going to your right until you see a fake land attached to a vine.

Cut the vine and drop down to find a vending machine that you’ll need to activate Mouthful mode. Use the portal to teleport to the main level and return to the platforms above the spikes.

Here you will see a rectangular footprint in the wall where you can jump and save the second hidden Waddle Dee.

Alivel Mall (personal side) Waddle Dee 3

In the next area you will find an enemy that you should inhale if you don’t have the Cutter equipped. Climb the ladder to the left and turn right here instead of going through the door. This will take you to a hidden door to a challenge room containing a Wild Bonkers fight.

Once the mini-boss is defeated, you will be rewarded with a hidden Waddle Dee. Be sure to grab the hammer he drops for the next objective.

Alivel Mall (personal side) Waddle Dee 4

Break the cardboard boxes in the next area to reveal a secret area with a stump switch in the upper right corner of the ceiling. Jump up to hit it with the hammer (which you picked up from Wild Bonkers) to drop a ring into the main room.

Inhale it to enter Ring Mode and go back a bit to your left. Earlier, you may have seen a treasure chest hidden in a pile of sand. You’ll want to go back there and blow on it so you can rescue the Waddle Dee hidden inside.

Alivel Mall (personal side) Waddle Dee 5

Stay in Ring Mouth mode and go as far as you can until you find a giant hole in the ground. You will see that you have to cross a rotating platform to reach a hole where you can stand on a side platform on the right. This will open a small room where you can drink water to become Water Balloon Mouth Kirby.

Return to the hole in the ground to find that you will now fit perfectly. This will reveal the last hidden Waddle Dee in the level.

All Waddle Dees hidden in Moonlight Canyon

There are IfI hid Waddle Dees in the Moonlight Canyon level.

Moonlight Canyon Waddle Dee 1

The first hidden Waddle Dee in this return to the mall is in the Light-Bulb Mouth Kirby section that you need to light up. Continue through this section until you find two cannons. You will see a path of coins leading you to the platform where the cannons are.

The secret path behind the second cannon leads to a battery. You need to hold B down to reload it. This will reveal the stairs leading to the first hidden Waddle Dee.

Moonlight Canyon Waddle Dee 2

Later in the Light-Bulb Mouth section, you’ll find the next Waddle Dee near the exit door. Instead of going through it initially, head to a hidden battery that you need to charge. Charging it fully will spawn the hidden Waddle Dee.

Moonlight Canyon Waddle Dee 3

In the next section of the level, you will have to go down to a place with a platform made of blocks that fall under two ladders. Move towards the camera to reveal the hidden Waddle Dee. Carefully navigate the blocks and climb the ladder to the right.

Moonlight Canyon Waddle Dee 4

As you pass falling blocks and upward facing cannons, notice how a block path leads upwards. Follow this to find an opportunity to find Scissor-Lift Kirby. Use the elevator ability to press a blue switch on the ceiling, then dodge the Gordos to head into the now unlocked secret room.

In the room, you must pass enemies on a disappearing bridge. Using the scissor lift muzzle, stay in low mode for the first catwalk. You will need to eject for the next two catwalks where you need to be Kirby. Avoid the Sleep power-ups that will knock you down and head for the hidden Waddle Dee at the end.

Moonlight Canyon Waddle Dee 5

At the end of the Arc Mouth slide section of the level, you will see a pillar crashing down on the right side of the screen. As it falls, there are two holes you can enter to go through it. Enter the right one to find a secret path full of coins and the last hidden Waddle Dee.

That’s all you need to know to find all the hidden Waddle Dees in Originull Wasteland. If you are looking for hidden Waddle Dees in other areas or even hidden missions, check out our other Kirby and the Forgotten Land to guide.

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