Kirby and the Forgotten Land demo guide and first tips and tricks

Kirby and the Forgotten Land released a demo in early March that gave fans a taste of what to expect when the game launches in just a few weeks.

The Kirby and the Forgotten Land demo has individual and co-op options, meaning a friend can join in the limited-time Kirby experience. Players then have two choices: Wild mode and Spring-Breeze mode. Spring-Breeze mode is a simpler mode that gives Kirby lots of health. This is for gamers who are new to action games. Wild mode is, well, a bit wilder. It’s much harder, giving players greater rewards for their efforts.

What is Spring-Breeze mode in Kirby and the Forgotten Land?

The Spring-Breeze mode opens with a stunning short video of Kirby wandering curiously along a forest path. But he’s soon faced with stormy weather and an ominous force that sucks Waddle Dees and other objects into star-shaped holes in the sky.

Kirby is also sucked into the black hole-like force, forcing him to change shape against his will. He then lands on the beach we see in the first Kirby and the Forgotten Land trailer, giving fans a little clue as to how Kirby ended up in such a mysterious place.

How to beat the finish point

At this point, there is only a straight line available to the player, allowing players to practice Kirby’s move. Use the stick to choose a direction, A to jump and B to inhale. Kirby has about 10 jumps until he starts floating towards the ground, and about 15 jumps in total until he absolutely has to land.

Collecting coins is an important aspect of this mode. Most are easily visible, but you’ll see a twinkling flicker as you approach the first item you can inhale. Jumping on this rock reveals three hidden coins. Spitting the box on the larger box will break it, giving you three extra coins.

A Garlfi can be found a little further down the map. He keeps a box but won’t hurt you. Inhale it and spit it back into the box to reveal a cherry.

Walking a bit further down the path, you’ll come across a more expansive map, similar to those seen in the Kirby and Forgotten Land trailers. Here, inhale the sword wielding enemy to get the sword copy ability. The sword can be used with B, allowing Kirby to smash objects such as trash cans and reveal coins or attack enemies.

After climbing the first building, you will meet Poppy Bros. Junior. Hold Y to remove your current sword ability and inhale Poppy Bros. Junior to get a whole new copy ability. The oldest ability will be seen on the ground for a few moments.

Pressing B now releases a bomb that rolls on the ground. It won’t be able to roll over hills, so try to use the top bomb from higher areas or while jumping. Holding down B will reveal a trajectory path to better aim the bombs. Press B repeatedly to drop multiple bombs one after the other. You can also push a stationary bomb by walking into it.

At this point, you’ll enter a car shop that appears to be guarded by three Garlfis. Kirby defeats them and then absorbs the rusty old car in the store with Mouthful Mode. After this short cutscene, you can control “Carby” for the first time. A cool trick is to press A to jump, then press B in the air, which propels you forward fairly quickly while being propelled off the ground.

Exiting the garage will lead to a road obstacle course. Use dash B to cross the bridge to get more coins. Enemies can still damage Carby unless you hit them with a dash. Press Y to spit the car and you will see that you still have the previous bomb ability available. You will also notice that the car shines. Shiny objects can be absorbed with Mouthful mode.

Kirby will then notice the enemies taking away the caged Waddle Dees. A mysterious character appears named Elfilin. This creature has huge blue ears and seems to be quite scared. Fans weren’t sure if this character was good or bad in the initial trailers, but it seems the enemy has trapped Elfilin against his will. Kirby must now save him from a gang of Garlfis. You’ll know where they’re about to spawn with a shimmering glow.

After saving Elfilin, they will ask about saving the Waddle Dees. Kirby enthusiastically agrees. At this point, Elfilin starts following you.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land: Wild Mode Guide

After beating the first level, players have the option to enter wild mode. This means that both modes offered the same basic gameplay experience but at different difficulties. At this point, we went into wild mode to take on Downtown Grassland.

How to Beat Downtown Grassland

When you come to a new level, you don’t bring the ability to copy with you. Kirby should quickly absorb a Garlfi. Kirby is able to run with an enemy in his mouth, which means you can wait to spit him out until you spot a box or an enemy you’d like to damage. The Cutter ability becomes available early on, however, giving Kirby a long-range weapon.

The Cutter ability should be used to take out a blue rabbit-like enemy that doesn’t yet have a name. He hops up and down, making him harder to target. Approaching an enemy will reveal the Cutter’s close range melee attack.

Behind the second evil rabbit is a button that can be activated with a long range attack or by jumping on it. This will lift a door to reveal a slice of cake that heals Kirby. Go left to go through a hidden cave and collect more coins.

You will soon come across a vending machine on the left of the map. Absorb it with Mouthful mode. As a vending machine, Kirby can jump and throw soda cans to damage enemies. There are 99 cans available in total. You don’t want to use too much of it because Kirby needs it to break down a garage door, revealing an abundance of coins and health.

After entering this area, spit out the vending machine and climb the ladder. There is a capsule on the roof. Collect this pod and head back down to the grassy main path. There will be a giant bull-like enemy that charges and then rushes towards Kirby. The best way to defeat this huge enemy is to hover above him and then use your slashing ability in the air while he has his back to you.

Grab the Warp Star after beating the bull to enter a new area. Make your life easier by using the Bomb or Cutter ability to smash the boxes under each cannon. This will cause the cannons to fall into a ditch and the bombs will no longer be able to reach you when collecting coins.

After collecting the coins, absorb a glowing cone to become Cone Mouth. Pressing A will jump while B pierces the pointed part of the cone into the ground. This can damage enemies or break some objects. The attack has a decent range, so you don’t need to be right on top of enemies to attack them with it. When you see a crack in the ground, use B to break it to reveal more coins and health.

Keep in mind that there is a short delay after Kirby uses B. This makes him vulnerable to incoming enemies who can charge him before you can press B again. After encountering another bull you will see a porch with a tulip on it. Use Kirby’s B attack to make the tulip bloom.

Waddle a little further and you’ll see a leaky pipe. Use Kirby’s B again to further break the pipe. A gust of water will shoot out, allowing Kirby to be elevated to a whole new area. Diving from the high area onto the boxes stacked with B will reveal another capsule.

At this point, spit out the cone and climb the ladder. A Waddle Dee in a cage will be up there asking for help. Select the Cutter or Bomb ability. Moving forward will activate a boss fight. Take on Wild Edge, an updated version of Gigantic Edge, finding ways to attack it from behind since it has a shield and only charges forward-facing attacks. It will be left vulnerable after attacking, giving you time to attack.

A Warp Star will take you to a new area. Here you will meet another giant bull. Defeat it and climb the ladder to find a huge orb. Use Mouthful mode to absorb it, then smash it in different directions to open it. It will reveal a Waddle Dee that needs to be saved, the second “Hidden Waddle Dee” that you need to find.

When you go back down, you’ll see a turtle-like creature that can’t be damaged by any of your attacks when it attacks you. Climb up a building you see on the left, absorb the sword ability at the top, then use it to slash a vine that’s holding a cone. The cone will fall and you can absorb it with Mouthful mode. Use the B attack to break the turtle’s protective shell.

Release the cone and go up the building in front of you with an arrow nearby. Halfway there will be another bull. Encourage him to run towards you to reveal the tulip behind him. Absorb the cone you see shortly after and use B to break another pipe. Head up the water to encounter a larger version of the snapping turtle enemy.

Escape the powerful bite of the turtle by hiding in the holes in the roof. A crack in the ground reveals another hole if you press B, giving you plenty of food to use to increase your health. Go ahead and hide behind a leaky pipe. The turtle will be pushed into biting it. Then press B to squirt out another water, using it to reach a safe high position.

After grabbing another capsule, drop down and press B to shatter the evil turtle’s protective cement shell. This reveals three Waddle Dees that need to be saved. At this point, the stage is clear!

How to Beat Brawl at the Mall

At this point, a disturbing new level appears with a hidden enemy. You can choose to do Spring-Breeze or Wild Mode. Exploration of the area reveals a spooky abandoned mall. Go up the broken escalator then take a right to find three abilities: Bomb, Sword and Ice.

As you skate, you will see a giant monkey watching you from the outside. He breaks the glass and grabs Kirby, forcing you to fight. It’s Gorimondo!

The best way to defeat Gorimondo is to get close to him. He likes to slide his arms, but you can avoid these attacks by being right below him. Watch out for his stomp attacks that damage you and send out a powerful wave. When it spins, try to stay afloat to avoid ground damage.

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