Land Transfers, March 10-16 – The Lima News

The trend in the real estate market in Allen County is illustrated by the following report, for the week of March 10-16. Figures reflect the sale price of the property, as well as the address or lot number of the property and are courtesy of Allen Office of County Recorder Mona Losh.


Ahern, Sherry Administrator/Estate Of Charles Oscar Smith in Oldham, Jillian L, 1039 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, $73,000

Alf Enterprises, LLC to DW Plaza LLC, 1122 Bellefontaine Ave., 1130 Bellefontaine Ave., 1134 Bellefontaine Ave., 1138 Bellefontaine Ave., Lima, $295,000

Burden, Eddie E/Burden, Kristina S to Hess, Bettie J/Hess, David, 621 Ewing Ave., Lima, $95,000

Ankle, Frank to Crowe, Larry D/Sturgell, Kyla A, 500 S. Metcalf St., Lima, $4,000

G & SN Leasing LLC to McCarthy, Derek C/Madsen, Heather L/McCarthy, Brandon C, 773 W. Lane Ave., Lima, $124,000

Harmon, Zachary J/Harmon, Rachelle M to Brenneman, Ryan/Brenneman, Stacy, 700 W. Robb Ave., Lima, $65,000

Honcell, Ted Michael to Luce, Jean/Luce, Louis, 624 Harrison Ave., Lima, $1,000

M&M Rentals Ltd in Butler, Darla/Butler, Amber, 123 W. Murphy St., Lima, $2,000

Mattson, Cody to Tice, Jason, 105 E. Edwards St., Lima, $85,000

McDonald, Terri Jayne to Burkholder, Kathleen S, 1311 E. Market St., Lima, $70,000

Rufener, David W/Rufener, Cathy L to Gearing, Blaine, 620 Fairfield Drive, Lima, $104,500

Schnipke, Richard A/Schnipke, Joann M to McVicker, Jefferson, 642 N. McDonel St., Lima, $30,000

Sebenoler, Andrew Zachary to Casey, Ashly, 643 S. Glenwood Ave., Lima, $95,700

Sunderhaus, Janis to Sunderhaus, Janise Wtta/Sunderhaus, Robert/Sunderhaus, John, 417 S. Lincoln Ave., Lima, $130,000

Sunderhaus, John to Snapp, Amber N, 427 S. Woodlawn Ave., Lima, $145,000

Thor Leasing Company, Pll to BSW, Inc., 415 W. Market St., Lima, $600,000

Webb, Rose M/Webb, Donald to Schmidt, Brock R, 533 E. Albert St., Lima, $37,000


Bartels, Randall S Administrator/Estate of Dorothy M Randall to Creps, Taylor R, 5 Beaumont Place, Lima, $125,000

Hershey, Lindsay A to Schomer, Julianne, 1627 Benham Drive, Lima, $220,000

Iven, Henry J/Iven, Patricia A to Davis, Gary L/Davis, Brette N, 403 Sunnydale St., Elida, $188,000

Johns, Jesse W Jr to Shultz, Stephen M/Shultz, Lanette K, 4270 Allentown Road, Lima, $50,000

Kayser, Michael S/Kayser, Shelly A to Bergfeld, Eric D, 2275 N. Cable Road, Unit 210, Lima, $34,500

Massolini, Kimberly J/Massolini, Lauren M/Massolini, John M to Mattson, Cody, 2445 Sherwood Drive, Lima, $185,000

Plaugher, Christy/Plaugher, Timothy à Long, Max D/Hershey, Lindsay, 1713 Lancewood Place, Lima, $272,500

Slatzer-Rose, Cody to Albertson, Alana N, 3865 Pioneer Road, Lima, $157,500


Coyer, William H/Coyer, Elisabeth M to Coyer, Logan H, 5045 S. Napoleon Road, Harrod, $160,000

Parker, Bryan D/Parker, Rhonda R to Parker, Joshua M/Parker, Lindsay M, 9090 Glaize Road (2 acres), Harrod, $160,000


1915 Lima, LLC to Avalon Rentals, LLC, 1915 Harding Highway, 1921 Harding Highway and Willard Avenue, Lima, $240,000

Sneary, Deb Trustee/Darrel Wilkins Family Trust at Duvall, Jason M/Duvall, Jenna L, East State Road (10 acres), Lima, $100,000

Tibbitts, Tracy J/Tibbitts, Douglas to Kreher, Jessica Lynn, 1423 Fetter Road, Lima, $144,000


Frey, Chris S/Frey, Karen A at Sanders-Tirado, John/Booth, Darian, 147 N. Jackson St., Bluffton, $149,500

Probst, Lukas J/Probst, Abby J to Greene, Kenneth E, 710 S. Main St., Bluffton, $229,500


Brennan, Kathryn Diane to White, Travis/White, Angela, 714 W. Main St., Cairo, $12,750


Frye, Jamie R/Frye, Christa to Marshall, Jonathan L/Marshall, Andrea Nichole, 1128 N. Main St., Delphos, $115,000

Snyder, Mark K/Snyder, Diana L at 280 Limited, 628 N. Pierce St., Delphos, $132,000


Richardson, Shaun A/Richardson, Jessica N to Cook, Tamara N, 218 Johns Ave., Elida, $123,000

Wita, Andrew J/Wita, Kayla to Elsea, Cheyanne, 100 N. Greenlawn Ave., Elida, $53,000


Rhodes, Linda M to Snyder, Ronald/Snyder, Carol, 6349 Sorenstam Lane, Lima, $275,000


Irene A. Kahle Trust/Niese, Constance J Successor Co-Trustee/Recker, Linda A Successor Co-Trustee to MJSK LLC, North Thayer Road (168.9 acres, 0.1 acres and 63.8 acres) and East Hook Waltz Road (68.3 acres), Columbus Grove, $2,809,400


Martin, Pamela J at Baker, Jeff/Baker, Tracy, 8015 N. Phillips Road (1.1 acres), Bluffton, $180,000


2515 Alexandria, LLC at Kesner, Patrick J/Kesner, Colleen B, 2515 Alexandria Drive, Lima, $265,000

Gearing, Blaine/Gearing, Michelle to Glenn, Demetrius, 1548 Wonderlick Road, Lima, $230,000

Green, Randy A/Green, Connie J to Diglia, Donald F/Diglia, Rebecca B, 3333 Yoakam Road, Lima, $27,500

Hanes, Kimberly A to 5417 Properties, LLC, 4720 McClain Road (4.49 acres and 1 acre), Lima, $105,000

Perry, Willie F/Perry, Ingrid E to Jones, Elisha/Bronk, Kaitlin, 835 Algonkin Trail, Lima, $220,000

Rush Properties, LLC to MSP Properties of Ohio, LP, Shawnee Road (0.7 acres), $280,000

St. John, Eric L/St. John, Anne E to Fultz, Judith N, 1755 Shawnee Road, Unit 312, Lima, $85,500

Wainscott, Gracyn M/Metz, Randall/Metz, Jodi/Wainscott, Darren to Kirchgessner, Michael L/Kirchgessner, Alisha M, 1510 Riverview Drive, Lima, $250,000

Wannemacher, Andrew/Wannemacher, Shannon to Brooks, Steven P/Brooks, Dawn L, 1529 Shawnee Road, Lima, $385,000


Wrocklage, Evelyn M Decd And Al/Sheriff Matthew B Treglia to Blythe, Brent Thomas, 845 S. Becker Road, Spencerville, $20,000


O’Neill Construction Services, Inc to Baldauf, Owen R, 312 S. Broadway St., Spencerville, $165,000

Stout, Tommy C/Stout, Diane E to Village of Spencerville/Allen County, Ohio, Vine Street and Elizabeth Street, Spencerville, $40,000


Shellenbarger, Steven A/Shellenbarger, Jane E to Hawkey, Chad, 4990 N. Wapak Road, Lima, $242,500

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