Marriages and land transfers of March 24, 2022 | Disk

March 13-19


Diana Laura Baez Munoz to Mario Alejandro Villareal Sanchez

Land transfers

March 15

Constance J. Miller aka Constance Miller to Andrea E. Barker and Douglas E. Barker, 422 Bryan Road, $155,000 to $155,500.

Donna L. Manro to Dennis E. Thompson and Carol M. Thompson, 414 E. Manning Ave., no amount stated.

MLP Properties LLC to David N. Morris, 406 Minnesota St., $75,000 to $75,500.

March 16

Rosa Leal Bonilla to Allen D. Stewart and Tina D. Stewart, 106 S. Vine St., $100,000 to $100,500.

Arthur J. Dalziel and Rachel Dalziel to Skyler Skinner and Destiney Skinner, 306 W. Maple St., $105,000 to $105,500 (contract)

Jeff Adam and Leah Adam at Chelsea Griffiths and Cody Carter, 130 W. High St., Agency, $155,000 to $155,500.

the 17th of March

William Mark Bond and Christine Anne Bond at Trinity Escape LLC, land in Ottumwa, $40,000 to $40,500.

Jarrod T. Swallow and Alexa J. Swallow to Angela Smith, 1530 Swanson Ave., $100,000 to $100,500.

Clifford W. Collett to Elliott Oil Company, 1029 W. Second St., $40,000 to $40,500.

Yogi L. Baird and Amanda K. Baird to George J. Robinson III and Brittany N. McManus, 919 Center Ave., $32,500 to $33,000 (contract).

Nathan Cary to Jacquelyn Scott, 352 Osceola St., $122,735 to $123,235.

Terilyn Jacob to James R. Wilmot, 724 Ray St., $15,000 to $15,500.

March 18

Wesley E. Higdon and Myra J. Higdon to Swift Pork Company, 1219 Castle St., $57,500 to $58,000.

Fred VerSchuure and Cindy VerSchuure to Alex Coleman, 214-216 W. Fifth St. and 213-215 W. Fifth St., $127,100 to $127,600 (contract)

Antonio Dixon to Jessica K. Cortes, 443 Osceola St., $102,300 to $102,800.

Monroe County Land Co., to Ray L. Eash and Amanda Eash, 321 acres of vacant land in Wapello County, $1,123,500 to $1,124,000.

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