Marriages and land transfers of March 3, 2022 | Disk

February 20-26


Sandy Araceli Argueta Rivas to Marshal Edward Hucks

Patricia Sue Glover in Dovia Darlene Glover

Albertina Amador Beltran to Pablo Monroy-Villegas

Melissa Anne Jessop in Bloomfield’s Justin Andrew Wessink

Maria Corona-Patlan to Maximo Lopez-Munoz

Katy Anne Roose to Jeffrey Paul Vander Wert, both of Kirkville

Ground transfers

February 22

Gary W. Applegate (executor of the estate of Goldie M. Applegate) to Nicholas C. Riedel, 7627 Cliffland Road, $150,000 to $150,500.

Villeda’s Property Management LLC to Appanoose Rapids Mercantile LLC, 314 E. Main St., $30,000 to $30,500.

Benjamin Taylor and Brianne Taylor at Taylor Land Holdings LLC, 22271 Bluegrass Road, no amount shown.

GGS Land Holdings LLC to MTP-15075 Al-Jon Avenue LLC, 15075 Al-Jon Ave., $10,090,000 to $10,090,500.

Brent Taylor and Marcie Taylor at Taylor Land Holdings, 22271 Bluegrass Road, no amount shown.

Barry Taylor to Taylor Land Holdings, 22271 Bluegrass Road, no amount shown.

February 23

Rippling Waters to Jeffrey Cox, 207 S. Willard St., $145,000 to $145,500.

Wayne Burl Scherer to Douglas M. Flynn and Fletcher M. Flynn, vacant land in Wapello County, $600,000 to $600,500.

Charles Baird to Nathan D. Overturf, 814 Ogden Street; 354 N. McLean Street; 1003 Chester Ave; 1421 Chester Ave; 1514 Chester Ave; 409 S. Davis Street; 1025 Boone Ave; 620 S. Davis Street; 132 S. Ward Street; 217 Wildwood Drive; 229 Wildwood Drive; 534 Lillian Street; 521 S. Milner Street; 246 S. Schuyler St., $300,000 to $300,500.

Timothy L. Hall and Christine L. Headington-Hall to Rodney A. Requena and Whitney R. Requena, 207 Cater Ave., $210,000 to $210,500.

Brent Edel and Kari Edel to Anthony J. Weber, 5581 Cemetery Road, $320,000 to $320,500.

February 24

Geraldine Anderson to Robert Barnett and Kelly Barnett, 12003 118th Ave., $155,000 to $155,500.

February 25

Jeff L. McCall and Dana E. McCall to Daniel A. Tucker and Jason D. Tucker, 615 and 617 N. Court St., no amount shown.

TBHS LLC to Rachel M. Fisher, 8461 Fox Hills Road, Agency, $298,000 to $298,500.

Mark McVey and Karen McVey to Jennifer Rysdam, 313 W. Division St., $33,000 to $33,500.

Jeffrey A. England to Lamis Farms Inc., 108 N. Vine St., $95,000 to $95,500.

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