PN is working on proposals to solve farmland problems


Proposals to protect farmers and the land they cultivate are being developed by the Nationalist Party, the PN said in a statement.

PN spokesman Peter Agius and PN candidate Clifford Zahra Fenech have expressed concerns about the future of some 40 farmers in Zejtun, after the land they have been farming for years could be taken from them after a court decision of November 2020.

“In order for there to be food on the tables of Maltese families, our country must produce plenty of vegetables, fruit and meat,” they said.

The problem is that landowners want to sell their land and farmers want to keep farming the land, PN said. “It cannot happen. If the farmers do not have the support of the government and do not have land to cultivate, they will be made redundant.”

Agius and Zahra Fenech met with farmers affected by the court ruling.

Currently, 40 farmers risk losing the land they farm since an agreement was reached between the landowners. Farmer Jean Paul Fenech said that “in the coming months even more farmers will find themselves in the same situation as they are in contact with landowners who are negotiating a way forward.”

The price of the land offered after the court decision is determined according to the demand for the land as well as its use, indicates the press release from PN. “, they said.

Agius and Zahra Fenech said there is a way “to prevent farmers from losing their land through intervention”. They went on to say that if farmers were evicted from their land, the effects would be devastating and a new generation of farmers could be lost.

“It has to happen in accordance with European Union law,” Agius said. PN would launch an urgent consultation on the matter with the farmers and after a proper analysis of the European law, proposals would be made to remedy the situation.

Most recently, in a landmark judgment, the Agricultural Leasing Commission ordered the eviction of two farmers from a field they were leasing under a pre-1995 protected lease.

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