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HYDERABAD: As part of another initiative to overcome problems with maintaining agricultural land registers, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao said the government will soon conduct a digital survey of all agricultural land in the state and would provide contact details. The CM asked officials to make arrangements for floating tenders in this regard.
In a review meeting with senior officials in Pragathi Bhavan on Thursday, the CM said the digital investigation should have already taken place and added that it had been halted due to the pandemic. “We will give the coordinates of each piece of land. No one can modify these coordinates any more, nor falsify or create confusion with the recordings ”, he affirmed. He said several issues on agricultural land have been resolved through the comprehensive survey of land registers, the publication of new booklets, the Dharani web portal and other reforms. “The few remaining issues will also be resolved with the digital survey.” Once the investigation is completed, there will be disputes over the clarity and delineation of farmers’ land, between government and forest land and between forest land and private land will be finalized.
He said that they will also find a permanent solution on the land of podu. “In the next three to four months, all of these issues will be resolved. Since the contact details will not change, there will be no more disputes over the limits in the future. In countries with good land records, GDP growth of 3-4% has been achieved. The government is ready for such a revolutionary change ”, declared the CM. Welcoming the functioning of the Dharani portal, he said that it was working one hundred percent successfully. After the unveiling of the new income law, many changes were visible in the income department.
“Due to the strict procedures put in place by the government, no one can manipulate the files and make changes. Everything is done on a system-driven method and without any human interface the recordings are made, ”KCR said.
Name of revenue department to change
The CM stated that in the modified scenario, the operation of the revenue service had completely changed. “There have been changes in the duties and responsibilities of the revenue service. In the past, the term income was used because it collected taxes. Now there is no tax collection. Therefore, the name of income no longer makes sense. We are going to change the name, ”said the CM. A job card will be prepared shortly on who should do what work in the department, specifying the duties of a revenue inspector, a tahsildar and a revenue division officer.

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