Third City Clinic Acquires Land in the City of Grand Island | Local news from the Big Island


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The garden is open to the community, she said. A clinic volunteer helps watch the garden.

“Different people have different plots in there,” Thompson said. “They divide it into different sections and anyone can plant whatever they want as long as they take care of it, keep it well and weed-free.”

The community garden has many advantages.

“It helps people supplement their food income in the summer and also helps people know how and where their food comes from,” Thompson said. “We took children there who didn’t know tomatoes grow from a vine in the ground. They just thought you were buying them at the store.

It is also a healthy alternative for some of the clinic’s clients, as the gardeners donate some of the produce to the clinic.

“A lot of our patients are diabetic or have heart problems, heart disease, high blood pressure,” she said. “Fresh fruits and vegetables are much better for your health than canned or frozen foods. “

An apple tree donated to the site that was planted several years ago is starting to bear fruit, Thompson noted.

“I hope that in the next two years we can have enough apples to start picking and fetching for everyone,” she said.

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