Zimbabwe opens farmland to investors

The Zimbabwean government said on Wednesday that investors can now legally cultivate on state land under a new framework it has developed.

It comes as the government has severely warned people who illegally invade farms, saying that while every Zimbabwean has a right to land, due process must be followed to gain access to farmland.

It is the responsibility of the state, not individuals, to alienate farmland, Land and Agriculture Minister Anxious Masuka said.

In a statement, Masuka said that after the completion of the land reform program that began in the early 2000s amid growing demand for land, the government was now focusing on identifying those who had land. surplus, abandoned farms and underutilized farms for reallocation. to those in need of land.

It was with this in mind that the government proposed a framework for a joint venture agreement to allow investors to legally exploit Crown land with the consent of the government.

“Unfortunately, not all Zimbabweans wishing to obtain land will be allocated land. However, it is not necessary to own land to start farming or engage in a profitable farming business.

“The government recently approved a joint venture agreement framework such that investors can legally cultivate with the consent of the government. This method allows access to agricultural land for production purposes while ensuring a transfer of skills to beneficiaries of land reform, ”said Masuka.

He said the government did not allow farm invasions and that perpetrators offering bogus letters of offer to people would be brought to justice.

“The continued reports of corruption in all categories of land are worrying and the government will not tolerate any improper behavior that is detrimental to our cherished land reform program,” Masuka said.

The land reform program aimed to address imbalances in colonial land ownership and enabled thousands of previously marginalized landless Zimbabweans to obtain plots of land previously occupied by former white commercial farmers.

Masuka said the government was introducing new letters of offer with improved security features to limit land disputes.

“The old letters of offer will be replaced with new serialized letters of offer with new security features. These will be collectable in provinces and districts. This will eliminate the old bogus letters of offer, ”he said. Final element

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